Solutions to Keep Food & Beverage Lines Moving

Automated Motion Solutions

If movement and motion are important components of your manufacturing process, then flexible solutions are exactly what you need for long-term performance and durability. Frequent motion causes standard industrial cables to crack, experience abrasion or suffer from shield degradation—ultimately impacting performance and potentially creating downtime.

Cabling and connectivity contribute to 35% of network issues in industrial environments. This percentage could be reduced considerably by simply using the right products in the right environments. Belden offers automated motion solutions with a tighter bend radius for movement and space-constrained applications.

  • Customized solutions tackle the toughest challenges, including automatic filling of liquids into bottles or sealable containers & other diverse applications
  • Low cable memory neutralizes impact of flexing & ensures longevitycables will stand up to mechanical stress
  • Shielding materials, conductor insulation & outer jackets are designed to deal with the physical stress of motion
  • Belden’s fast lead-times ensure time & budget savings for projects with tight timelines
  • Reduce total cost-of-ownership with reduced cable maintenance & improved system uptime

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