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Network Visibility & Monitoring

As industrial networks become larger and more complex—with increasing numbers of switches, RTUs, PLCs, I/O modules, IEDs, IIoT devices and human-machine interface (HMI) panels—the importance of efficient network mapping and supervision is paramount. How do you know what’s happening around your plant?

Belden’s network visibility and monitoring solutions improve productivity, security and uptime by letting you visualize the status of your food and beverage network and gain the insight you need to quickly locate problems, address issues and make informed decisions on the fly.

  • Discover, map & configure network switches & devices in any size network, including SNMP-enabled devices from any manufacturer
  • Monitor network nodes using iOS or Android mobile devices from any location via WLAN, Ethernet or cellular
  • Innovative graphical user interfaces enable color-coded network conditions & provide vital dashboard information at-a-glance
  • Gain in-depth visibility into every connected device, including unmanaged switches at the edge
  • Improve overall security through user roles, customized alerts, lockdown capabilities & event-history tracking

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