Wireless Solutions for Healthcare

Meeting wireless infrastructure needs with cost-effective & easy-to-deploy & scalable system solutions.

Plan for Reliable Coverage & Connectivity with Belden 

Healthcare facilities demand reliable, high-speed coverage both in-building and across often expansive campuses. Today’s wireless systems must provide sufficient headroom for growth while also supporting a range of protocols, frequencies and modulation schemes. 

Despite the move toward wireless networks, wired connections play a critical role in supporting wireless applications in medical centers including network densification, large file transfer, surgical visualization and more.  From cabling and connectivity for WLAN and DAS systems, Belden solutions are engineered to exceed industry standards for connectivity and mobility. 

  • Whatever your facility’s deployment strategy, Belden offers a wide variety of cabling and connectivity solutions for virtually any configuration
  • Global partnerships with leading wireless solution providers
  • Belden certified contractors & installers trained & knowledgeable in specialized requirements of healthcare wireless systems 
  • 25-year warranty & lifetime application-specific performance guarantee   


*Project must be installed by a Belden certified installer. All cabling and connectivity equipment installed must be Belden end-to-end and performance test data must be submitted for review. 

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