Secure, Reliable & Manageable Networking Solutions for                             Water/ Wastewater

Enabling Cost-effective Network Control & Management

As efficient data acquisition and networking become the key to improving control and management across industrial networks, facilities are rapidly implementing SCADA networks via more reliable, cost-effective Ethernet communications. Belden managed industrial Ethernet solutions help industrial customers keep pace with changing IIoT technology.


  • Flexible, scalable & easy-to-commission hardened rack-mount & DIN Rail industrial Ethernet switches support increasing network complexity, bandwidth & speed at cost-effective price points
  • Variety of mounting options, port count & protocols bridge the gap between legacy & advanced networks from the backbone to the edge
  • Comprehensive security features, VLAN capabilities, advanced TSN & redundancy protocols in accordance with the latest IEEE, IEC & NERC standards
  • Belden expert consultants & partner network provide single-point-of-contact design, commissioning, project management, auditing/assessment & pre-/post-installation support 

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The Ultimate 600V Ethernet Cable for Heavy Industry

Industrial Automation

Recently we introduced a new industrial Ethernet cable to the market with a techy name, "DataTuff TC Cat 5e Cord Sets for 600V Cable Trays". While I am not a fan of the name, I am impressed with what this puppy can do. If your application is in...

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Single Pair Ethernet Drives Ahead

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As its name suggests, Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) cabling uses only one pair of wires to transmit data, as opposed to the two pair that have long been standard in the majority of Ethernet cabling in use worldwide.  

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Understanding Moisture Damage


We all know that water in an electrical system is bad news. And we do our best to keep it out by specifying waterproof cable and connectors, and following industry best practices for installation and maintenance.

Steve Lampen | 08.01.2014