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GarrettCom Converters

GarrettCom offers a wide variety of switch converters from copper Ethernet to Fiber, perfect for industrial applications. Also available, the Dymec Models operate as Links and Repeaters, optically connecting different formats and eliminating the need for converters. Optical Stars operate with multi-mode and/or single-mode optics, providing a full optical budget for each port.

Features & Benefits

  • Built to Last: Packaged in rugged, industrial quality, these products can operate in a variety of temperatures and applications
  • Flexibility: Multiple serial varieties available (RS232 Single Channel, Multi- Channel and RS485 models)
  • Hazardous Location Ratings: Class 1, Div 2 - Certified for use in hazardous locations in the US and Canada
Type Conversion Product Detail
Media Copper Ethernet to FiberCS14
Serial RS232 to Fiber Ethernet Dymec Series
RS232/RS485 to Fiber Ethernet