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Teck Cable

Versatility resides within this dual-rated CSA Teck 90/UL Metal Clad (MC) Cable, which is suitable for powering equipment in harsh environments (including dry, damp or wet locations). These low-voltage, armored, interlocking aluminum cables are designed for the demands of industries such as mining, pulp and paper, chemical, petroleum and more.

Features & Benefits

  • No Conduit or Ducts Needed Indoors: Armored cable offers built-in protection
  • No Pipe Needed Outdoors: Cable can be deployed in direct-burial settings
  • Avoid Cable Damage: Extra inner jacket prevents physical and chemical damage and protects against corrosive acidic gases under fire conditions
Materials*Temperature RatingRatings & Compliance Size Technical Data
Wet Dry
XLPE Insulation, PVC Inner Jacket, PVC Outer Jacket, Interlocked Armor, Stranded BC Conductors-40°C to 90°C-40°C to 90°C14 & 12 AWGDownload
10 - 2 AWGDownload
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