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Distribution Tight-Buffered Fiber Cable

Belden's Tight-Buffered Fiber Cables are available in fiber counts from 2 to 144. These popular cables are designed for indoor/outdoor applications. Distribution cables are available in plenum, riser, unitized and non-unitized constructions that fit a wide array of installations. Their small bend radius and 900 µm tight-buffered fibers allow for fast installation and easy termination. Now offering RailTuff™ Fiber Optic Cable, designed for enhanced safety & fire protection in transportation applications. 

Features & Benefits

  • Grounding Not Necessary: All-dielectric design eliminates the need for grounding
  • No Need for Conduit: Interlocking armor feature provides an additional layer of protection
  • Rapid Field Termination: 900 µm tight buffered cable features a small OD
  • Stands Up to Any Environment: Built to resist UV, moisture and fungus

Type  Armor Type  Rating  Tech Data
Indoor (2-144 fibers)Non-armoredCMP, CMRProduct Detail
Indoor/Outdoor (2-144 fibers)Non-armoredCMP, CMRProduct Detail
Indoor (2-144 fibers)Aluminium InterlockedCMP, CMRProduct Detail
Indoor/Outdoor (2-144 fibers)Aluminium InterlockedCMP, CMR

Type Armor Type Rating Tech Data
Shipboard -- MarineTuff Non-armored UL & cUL: OFNR-ST1 FT4 ABS Type ApprovedProduct Detail
Shipboard -- MarineTuff Armored UL & cUL: OFCR-ST1 FT4 ABS Type ApprovedProduct Detail

RailTuff Fiber Optic Transit Cables
No. of Fiber Fiber Types Ratings Armor Options Technical Data
2-144 Fiber OS2NFPA 130, 502 All Dielectric (no armor), Single Jacket   Interlocked Aluminum or Steel, Double JacketProduct Detail
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