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Fusion Splice-On Connectors

Belden's FiberExpress (FX) Fusion Splice-On Connectors enable splice-on technology. They combine the benefits of fusion splicing with the simplicity of a field-installable connector to expand options for field termination and improve installation performance and reliability over mechanical splice connectors. No crimping, polishing or adhesives are required for termination, minimizing installation errors.

Features & Benefits

  • Better Insertion Loss & Return Loss Performance: Support high-bandwidth/high-speed transmission to 25G, 40G and 100G applications
  • Eliminate Excess Slack: Run exact-length channels to also eliminate cable shorts
  • Fewer Splice Management Accessories Required: Eliminates need for splice enclosures and splice trays
  • Reliable Terminations: Automated splicing tools consistently provide the highest-quality termination
  • Superior Technology & Affordable Quality: A premium solution without the premium price

Technical Details
Fiber TypeMaximum Insertion Loss Minimum Reflectance Technical Data
Single-mode UPC 0.3 dB -55 dBProduct Detail
Product Detail
Single-mode APC 0.3 dB-65 dBProduct Detail
Product Detail
Multimode OM1 0.25 dB -25 dBProduct Detail
Product Detail
Multimode OM3/OM4 0.2 dB -25 dBProduct Detail
Product Detail
Product Detail
Product Detail
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