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When it comes to selecting the right valve connectors, reliable and durable performance are just as important as choosing the right design, protection circuitry and accessory. Thanks to a protection circuit and function indicator, as well as an extremely robust design, Lumberg Automation Valve Connectors reliably connect solenoid valves, pressure sensors, temperature sensors and flow monitors to voltage supplies or a data network.

Features & Benefits

  • Ruggedized Designs: Experience a reliable connection with excellent protection against dust, water and vibrations
  • User-Friendly: Plug-and-play technology, prewired cordsets and flexible field attachables save time and effort during installation
  • Ultimate Versatility: Choose from three valve connector types, different circuity options and various cable options to address individual applications
  • Technical Detail

Type Product Detail
GDM, GDMF, GDMW, GAN, GSA/GSC, GSE, GSP and GSR Series Valve Connectors Type A
GMN(L)/GM(L), VB/VBD and GSN/GSA Series Valve Connectors Type B
GDSN(L)/GDS(L), VC/VCD and GSS(N)A/GSS(N)R Series Valve Connectors Type C
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