Simplify network planning with the user-friendly PROVIZE Planner application. Featuring an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface, PROVIZE Planner empowers users to design intent-based network configurations and automatically creates bills of materials (BOMs) identifying recommended equipment. Unlike basic diagramming tools, PROVIZE Planner includes built-in logic that verifies the validity of network configurations, ensuring the network can work as designed.

Features & Benefits

  • Plan networks with Belden BOBCAT (BRS) and GREYHOUND (GRS) switches and use the device-specific properties in your planning.
  • Set up CLI templates and combine them into a stack to upload to your network devices.
  • Export command line interface (CLI) templates for streamlining the configuration of planned devices.
  • Built-in logic ensures networks can function as designed, simplifying the configuration of features, such as VLANs, Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP), IP configuration, subnets or device requirements.
  • Download our free PROVIZE Planner base version to get unlimited installations of entry-level features or upgrade to a paid PROVIZE Planner Essentials or Professional license to access advanced features.
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