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Breaking Down Barriers to Innovation

In today’s fast-moving and changing times, data and insights are more essential than ever for making smart, timely and effective business decisions. With the convergence of operational (OT) and informational technologies (IT), organizations are better positioned than ever to build the backbone required for operational success and security.

As experts, we know getting there isn’t easy. Increasingly customer expectations, talent shortages, global supply chains, market fluctuations and an ever-evolving selection of technologies add layers of complexity to moving forward.

This is where the Belden Customer Innovation Center (CIC) can help. As connectivity and networking experts, we’re dedicated to helping customers accelerate the design and implementation of robust, reliable and secure networks to deliver the data and insights that drive better business performance.

A Message from our CIC Business Leader

Automation networks are rapidly evolving to deliver business outcomes - including safety, innovation, quality, delivery and productivity – more directly than ever before. This needs high quality hardware and software working together in networks designed for specific use cases whilst ensuring high availability, reliability and security and with a proven track record of successful installations. Such expertise is rarely available in one place.

Belden’s portfolio of network products and the granular knowledge of disparate applications have been honed over more than a 100 years and we have brought these together in our new Customer Innovation Centers (CICs) where we engage with users and a variety of industry experts to provide customized solutions and services supporting future-ready networks. All the expertise you need in one place.
If you are not already talking to us about your network, you probably should be! Please visit us to discuss how we can take your network to the next level.

Ashish Chand 
Executive Vice President, Industrial Automation | Belden


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