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Project Management Services

Belden project management professionals are adept across core project                    delivery skills for practical & efficient approach to managing project deliverables.

Bringing Customized Networking Solutions to Life

Much of the insights and information needed to meet the needs of your customers, suppliers and business partners can be found at the intersection of your operational and informational technology (IT/OT) systems. As convergence continues to evolve, it’s affecting how we work and how organizations must focus their teams while striving for operational reliability and continuous innovation.  Few businesses however, have all the necessary resources to fully realize the productivity gains with the selection of the correct technology and architecture.

It’s as much about business outcomes as it is about technical success.

Building the network required to support 21st century organization goals requires the right resources and talent to make it happen.  Our experts can help with all aspects of network design and deployment—from up-front planning and execution to training and post-deployment management.

Predictable high-quality outcomes

You’ve decided to invest in a building a future-proof network. Choosing the right partner with a proven track record is one of the most important decisions you will make—we understand your need for certainty when it comes to selecting the right partner.  

Our rigorous PM process-designed by networking experts with years of design and deployment experience—provides clear lines of accountability and ensures transparency throughout the project.


Need Support?

Belden Solution Architects are ready to solve your use case or application needs.

Belden Project Management Methodology

During this phase, we gather and document all performance and security requirements—from the plant floor to the front office—to create a system architecture and corresponding operational plan to meet the diverse needs of all parties, while meeting regulatory requirements and budgetary guidelines.

  •  - Dedicated certified project managers
  •  - Defined milestones & deliverables
  •  - Implementation hotline for fast response
  •  - Bill of materials management (supply chain, stock)
  •  - Management of tools & project software
  •  - Robust project documentation & reporting
  •  - Network management & monitoring & security strategy considerations

We tap into our team’s extensive experience to understand what you have, what you need and what the best possible options are.

  •  - Expert, onsite analysis of your existing network
  •  - 'Architectural Layout' factors & considerations
  •  - Specification of network hardware, software & integration of third-party project specific components
  •  - Network simulations &/or validations in a Belden CIC Proof-of-Concept Lab
  •  - System compatibility testing
  •  - Technical design workshops
  •  - Network performance KPI definitions

We understand the myriad unique challenges associated with commissioning wired and wireless industrial networks. From pre-construction to onsite coordination, commissioning and certification, we take care of everything to ensure network performance.

  •  - Do we want to include 'copper/fiber cabling installation' anywhere?
  •  - Factory acceptance testing in a controlled environment
  •  - Delivery & installation managed by the Belden CIC team
  •  - Onsite & offsite configuration services
  •  - Network benchmarking
  •  - Installation manuals
  •  - Software/configuration back-up files & recovery media
  •  - Installation training for your engineers

With everything in place, we remain onsite to ensure the network is operating with expected business system visibility.

  •  - Network site acceptance testing (SAT) to validate onsite performance
  •  - Onsite survey monitors post-installation performance
  •  - Immediate optimization based on survey results
  •  - Benchmark network performance against pre-defined KPIs
  •  - Customized training for maintenance engineers, including operation manuals & network drawings
  •  - Extended monitoring & hotline access for 3-6 months (optional)