ESG Belden

Commitment to Ethics & Integrity


Ethical Business Practices

We conduct Belden's business in an ethical and transparent way that allows us to keep our promises to all current and future stakeholders. We operate our business with integrity and transparency to promote the highest ethical standards across the industry, by fostering accountability at all levels of the company and ensure our stakeholders are proud to partner with Belden.


Good corporate governance is the basis for our decision-making and control processes. As part of ensuring we conduct business with the highest standards and integrity, we maintain a structured approach to corporate governance system including clear guidance outlined in the Belden Code of Conduct

ESG Governance

In 2020, we formalized Board oversight of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) through our Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of Belden’s Board of Directors. Our ESG Steering Committee, chaired by our Senior Vice President of Human Resources, manages and oversees Belden’s global ESG strategy and measure progress on our goals and initiatives. The Committee is formally responsible for ESG practices and procedures, and related risks and opportunities.

Goal: By 2025, achieve understanding of the Code of Conduct from 100% of global non-production team members.

Goal: By 2025, be recognized as one of the most ethical global companies.

Data Privacy & Security

We protect information managed by Belden from unwarranted parties and unauthorized access, including security threats and cyberattacks. We also ensure that customer, employee, and corporate data are being collected, analyzed, stored, shared and transferred in a secure manner that upholds privacy and protects personal data. We process, use, and protect Belden’s data and the data of our employees, customers, and business partners, in compliance with all applicable privacy and data protection laws and regulations.


Belden has adopted industry leading practices to protect both Belden assets and customer information. At the direction of the Cybersecurity Subcommittee (part of Belden’s Board of Directors) and internally led by the Chief Information Officer and Cybersecurity Director, Belden has implemented a focused Cybersecurity program that includes defined practices and specialized personnel responsible for data and cybersecurity. This program continuously assesses and controls cybersecurity risks to acceptable levels.

A comprehensive monitoring and response function continuously analyzes risks and threats at Belden and provides appropriate controls and measures. Belden ensures all associates receive periodic cyber awareness training and are provided the tools and support channels to help Belden remain safe. Belden maintains a dedicated data center for resilience and protection of Belden, employee and customer information assets. Regular testing of business continuity and disaster recovery plans ensure the appropriate planning and forethought have been integrated into operational needs and recovery objectives.