Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions

Protect your Operational Infrastructure

Belden’s broad portfolio of industrial cybersecurity solutions offers visibility to & protection from events that threaten the safety, quality & productivity of your control systems. From hardware devices with embedded security features to cyber- resilient software, we help customers transform raw system data into actionable insights for a powerful defense against cyber disruptions of any kind.

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End-to-End Cybersecurity Solutions

Explore the industry’s broadest portfolio of industrial hardware & software solutions designed for maximum uptime, safety & infrastructure compliance–all from one vendor with the brands to improve your security posture.

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Core-to-Edge Firewall Solutions for OT Environments

EAGLE40 Industrial Network Firewall Security

  • Heightened performance & security including more port options with increased bandwidth & encryption capabilities
  • Easy configuration with streamlined user interface, firewall learning mode & deep packet inspection (DPI) modules for all skill levels
  • Convection-cooled metal housing for 24/7 network monitoring 



EAGLE One Security Bridge & Router

  • Combine Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) for bridged or routed communications with unique Firewall Learning Mode
  • Add safe, cost-effective protection to your industrial automation network
  • Build redundant backbone network connections for production cells combined with comprehensive Network Address Translation (NAT) techniques



EAGLE 20/EAGLE 30 Industrial Firewalls with HiSecOS Software

  • Use Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewalling & optional Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) for routed communication to secure industrial networks
  • Build connections with two optional SHDSL ports & up to 6 LAN ports (2 Gigabit ports)
  • Easy deployment with one-click rule setup via Firewall Learning Mode
  • Maximum uptime via redundancy protocols including virtual router redundancy (VRRP)


Tofino Xenon Security Appliance with DPI 

  • Industrial Layer 2 firewall with stateful & deep packet inspection (DPI) for bridged communication protects PLCs, RTUs & other control devices
  • Simplified installation with zero-impact plug-n-protect technology, requires no pre-configuration, network changes or control system disruption
  • Deep protocol awareness without required vulnerability updates with 'Configure-Test-Deploy'


Industrial Routers with Built-In Security

Magnum 10RX Router & Security Appliance

  • Integrated firewall protection & VPN security with Layer 3 routing
  • IEC 61850-compliant for Substations
  • Dual, hot-swappable feature for field replacements on live networks to reduce downtime
  • Natural migration path to high-performance Gigabit Ethernet & TCP/IP


Magnum DX940e Industrial Cellular Router

  • 6 Gigabit ports, optional WAN (T1/E1) port, serial ports & 4G/LTE cellular for easy flexible configuration
  • 4G/LTE cellular gateway with advanced firewall, VPN, routing & crypto capabilities
  • Secure, reliable connectivity over cellular networks
  • Redundancy protocols (e.g,. Virtual Router Redundancy (VRRP) for reduced downtime

Network Management Software

Hirschmann Industrial HiVision Software

  • Safe automatic identification of all network devices with automatic topology detection
  • MultiConfig for simultaneous configuration of multiple devices
  • Instant visibility of key performance indicators & hardware security conformance through network dashboard 
  • Improved uptime & security with quick fault-finding & timely remediation

Cyber Resiliency Software & Support

Tripwire Deep Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Visibility Software

  • Completely passive industrial solution dissects network traffic, performs asset discovery, profiles all protocol communication & provides threat detection from the DMZ field-level I/O devices
  • Understands over 40+ industrial protocols including EtherNet/IP, Modbus, DNP3, S7, PROFINET, IEC 101/104, GOOSE & BACnet
  • Provides visibility into controller mode changes, configuration changes & firmware uploads
  • Diagrams network communication traffic patterns via the Purdue model


Tripwire Enterprise (TE) Security Configuration Management Suite

  • Featuring the Tripwire Data Collector—similar to a 'Security SCADA' designed to provide full network visibility & understands common industrial protocols including Modbus TCP & Ethernet/IP
  • Agentless monitoring requires no software installation or changes for easy management
  • Integrates with Rockwell AssetCentre, MDT AutoSave & Kelpware KEPServerEX
  • Real-time threat detection for maximum uptime
  • Robust monitoring into ICS cybersecurity hygiene (monitor PCs, PLCs & other network hardware for changes)
  • Broad cybersecurity coverage for industry compliance including NERC CIP, IEC 62443, NIST & more


Tripwire Log Center

  • 'Cybersecurity historian' functionality for robust reporting on all log data
  • Built-in & purpose-built dashboard for out-of--box functionality with Tofino Xenon
  • Log collection from a variety of sources for easy data interpretation & parsing for analysis & reporting
  • Customizable dashboards for real-time visibility to critical events
  • Customizable correlation rules via simple Visio-like interface
Ring Topology Architecture

Networks Designed To Fit Your Needs

Integrate cybersecurity with your existing infrastructure. This reference architecture shows a typical model for coverage of a plant operation. The ring topology is one of many configurations our solutions support. View our full portfolio of products.

Network Security & IT/OT Convergence

Who Owns Industrial Cyber Protection?

"…reliance on control systems continues to expand across not only industrial settings, but also the operation & maintenance of our cities, our buildings and all kinds of modern smart applications. The convergence of IT and operational technology (OT) has now come into popular awareness as the lines between the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have blurred and the media have given increased coverage to security breaches and their impacts."

2017 SANS Survey: Securing Industrial Control Systems, Executive Summary



IT vs. OT—What’s the Difference?

IT vs OT PrioritiesTraditionally, industrial enterprises have kept everything separate with information technology professionals managing the office network—an mild environment where internet speed & data security were paramount. On the plant floor, operational technology professionals addressed harsh environmental conditions with a closed air-gapped network & & focus on keeping
production running safely. 

For more, read Why IT-OT Convergence Means Greater Resources for Both.




Katherine Brocklehurst, “Cyberattacks and Bottom Lines: Who Has Responsibility for Industrial Cyber Risks?”  Advancing Automation eBook, Vol. III:20-25.

Secure. Reliable. Resilient.

Ensuring a secure and reliable industrial infrastructure in light of new cybersecurity threats.

Today's Picture—A Single Converged Network

Now, more devices on the plant floor need to be connected to the Internet. Remote locations must be managed from one central location. Executives in the office demand data to manage plant maintenance, upgrades, output quantity and quality and inventory levels.

That means blurry – or nonexistent – lines between IT and OT roles and responsibilities. The network of the future will be unified to serve both worlds.

Automation & Data Exchange in Real-World Applications

Merging automation networks of the factory (OT) with the data exchange office network (IT) requires intentional actions. Here are a few steps to get you started.


Images & things go into the RTE Here. 

Trends & Data

While a majority of organizations have cybersecurity fears, few have been willing to invest in preventive measures. According to a survey by Gartner3, some of the most common reasons for delaying include:

 Cybersecurity Awareness Table

While a majority of organizations have cybersecurity fears, few have been willing to invest in preventive measures. According to a survey by Gartner3, some of the most common reasons for delaying include:


What Keeps Industrial Cybersecurity Pros Awake at Night?

  • Cybersecurity is a top concern for 87% of global business leaders1
  • In 2017, large-scale cyberattacks & massive cyber theft were ranked among top technological risks to global growth by the World Economic Forum2
  • Control system cybersecurity threats were rated “High or Severe/Critical” by 69% of those responding to the SANS Institute 2017 survey of global ICS security professionals

With increasing numbers of connected devices combined with IT/OT systems convergence & the evolution of automation & technologies, cyber protection concerns multiply. Understanding the landscape is the first step to building a successful cyber protection plan for your industrial systems.

The Cost of Catastrophe

Cost without Cybersecurity TableCurrent data suggests three of four cyber events are due to unintentional human error or accident*

Whether malicious or mistaken, cyber events put worker safety at risk, shut down production, disrupt public utility services & erase profits

The Lesson?

Start now—with your most critical assets. Start with auditing where you are today & aligning IT & OT protocols.

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