Broadcast Truck Solutions

Assurance to Capture High-Profile Events Across the Globe


When it comes to AV, outside broadcasting (OB) trucks are easily one of the most demanding and exhilarating environments in the broadcast and entertainment industry. These mobile production control rooms face the same pressures as production studios: create comprehensive, high-quality and immersive programming. But they also face unique challenges that range from extreme weather and long transmission distances to facilitating content for multiple platforms at once—all without the possibility of error.


Cable and connectivity for OB trucks have big expectations to live up to: high performance to eliminate downtime, flexibility to handle a variety of applications, lightweight for quick setup, and the ability to withstand everything from freezing rain to being stepped on or driven over.


Belden’s wide range of solutions for OB trucks deliver in every way. We work side by side with riggers, producers, engineers and directors to make sure everyone has the infrastructure they need to capture high-profile events across the globe—everything from live racing, red carpets and global alpine skiing matches to outdoor mega concerts and national fairs.


Our cabling and connectivity solutions are built to withstand any condition without sacrificing performance, reliability or flexibility. Lightweight products allow for rapid deployment and reduce weight to maximize truck efficiency.


We’ll make sure you have infrastructure in place so your OB trucks can leverage IP-based protocols, accelerate setup and operator workflow, support new technology like 360-degree video and virtual reality, and simplify remote production for live, edge-of-your-seat broadcasts.

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