Connected Train Networks

Strong operational capabilities and enhanced rider experience


The mass transit industry stands on the brink of a transformative era, where Connected Rail Systems and The Connected Train Network are not just concepts but actionable realities. Belden, with its forefront technology solutions, is at the helm of this transformation, ensuring that the deployment of these systems enhances operational efficiencies, safety, and passenger satisfaction across the globe. 


On-train networks provide services to all onboard systems. Some relate to train control and operation and strongly affect operational capabilities. Others influence riders’ travel experiences and ability to stay connected to the world outside the train.


Elements to consider for connected train network systems


Train control

Freight train moving through remote urban crossing in late afternoon against sunny sky.


Control systems govern functions like speed & braking, automated guidance & door controls—critical devices that typically run on a private, closed network.

Train operations

Two rail system technicians in safety gear working on crossing signal system.


 Operational systems (e.g., closed-circuit television (CCTV) & public address (PA) systems) perform necessary functions to extend oversight capabilities to onboard environments.

Onboard experience

Female communter in foreground holding smart phone in train station with electronic display boards.


Passenger experience systems ensure riders are remain connected—or information, entertainment or productivity—during the journey.



Key benefits of connected train networks


Passenger safety & security

Onboard automation & surveillance improvements to improve passenger safety & security


Passenger experience

Improve onboard information transparency & passenger services to improve passenger experience


Predictive maintenance for rolling stock to reduce unplanned failures & maintenance costs



Labor productivity

Automate onboard operations of rolling stock to increase productivity & limit errors

Asset productivity

Reduce distance between trains on the same track & operate more trains simultaneously to increase rolling stock utilization




Our approach to connected train network solutions

Establishing reliable network connections onboard rolling stock presents unique challenges. The constant vibration of the train in motion complicates calibration of the delicate balance required to manage multiple systems with varying levels of criticality competing for bandwidth across public and private networks. 


Belden has the expertise to manage such complexity based on a deep knowledge of well-documented uses built specifically for rail applications. Our approach begins with a thorough analysis of the requirements, followed by designing, securing, deploying, and validating a solution that best adapts to the specific case.


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