Hirschmann Managed OCTOPUS Gigabit Ethernet IP67/IP65 Switches

Extremely robust hardware, comprehensive redundancy methods and security features all contribute to the high level of safety provided by the managed OCTOPUS Gigabit Ethernet switches and routers, even under harsh conditions. Where space constraints are a consideration, the PoE/PoE+ capabilities reduce cabling, saving both space and associated costs as no additional power supplies are needed.

Features & Benefits

  • Extended Feature Range: Switches available from 8 to 28 ports, feature vibration-resistant connectors for twisted pair cables or fiber-optic ports
  • Network Security: Software includes the latest state-of-the-art features to protect your network
  • Robust Compact Housing: Ensures the highest industrial protection ratings (IP67/IP65) regarding mechanical stress, humidity, dirt, dust, shock, vibrations, heat and cold
  • Approved for Transportation Industry: Meets application specific regulations like EN 50155, EN 50121-4, EN 45545 for trains and e1 for use in road vehicles
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